Renzi Food - passion for food.




We franchise out or operate under the following brands :


ANGOLO, Banzai, Barcode, Burger & Co, GLAM,

Piada, Piadina, Pollito, Poulito, RO, Servus,

and regional brands.



We franchise out or operate :


  • Mini units as standalones, kiosks


  • Home Delivery units & Take-Outs with up to 20 seats


  • Cafés, Bars & Pizzerias with up to 50 seats


  • Cafés, Bars, Pizzerias & Restaurants with more than 50 seats 


  • Clubs & Lounges with more than 100 seats








real italian quality





This year our goal is to even better our pasta

so that the consumer is able

to taste the difference.


passion for food.
















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