In the last 3 decades the brand STEP IN  has been established successfully in the european and american market and is now expanding to new markets.

Our STEP IN  collection is specifically designed and priced for the high volume market as supermarkets, discounters, catalogues and textile chains.

As always our customers can have all the items also shipped with their own label though all items are registered.           Solutions for a better selling .



   The new STEP IN  collection  Winter 2015 is out


Again we have achieved a high value - low cost collection able to rival the fashion needs of the changing markets.

The next winter will bring back the bright colours as blue, gold, light blue, yellow and  white.

The colour line of children’s wear is dominated by joyful colours colours as well as pink and violet shades with accents of subdued orange, navy and grey shades.

Of course we also invite you to see the newest "in stock" collection which we are able to ship in the next 24 working hours after receiving the orders.

With more then 2.5 million pieces of our STEP IN collection at any moment in our logistic centre in Germany plus the other 3 million pieces in stock of our unbranded collections we can fulfill the need of our customers to resupply in case of strong sales, new openings, merger or acquisitions, delivery or supplier loss.

STEP IN offers you also the new shop-in-shop system with a minimum of 10 units each minimum of 9 sqm.

Also we do offer on a yearly basis a module for 1 to 3 running meters in the following departments :

Baby, Small Children, Children, Swimwear, Gloves / Mittens and also accessiores

  Our collection includes :


Baby up to size 86/2y

Small kids up to size 122/7y 

Children up to size 164/14y

Men up to XXL

Women up to XL









Jog suits


Gloves / Mittens


Twin Sets













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