What we can offer :


Fast decisions,

International flair,

A long-term employment,

A young and dynamic team,

Possibility to better your position.

   The Jobs we offer at the moment :


We are looking not just for employees,

we are looking for an enrichment for our company.




-  Sales representative in Northern Germany

    already introduced in the textile departments

    of our customers.



We own and/or produce the following brands :



Galeone, ANGOLO, Snow-Line

Banzai, Barcode, EXXTRA,













  We are one of the leading european importers and producers of clothing specifically designed for the high volume market and millions of pieces are delivered on just-in-time basis to our customers.

Our products can be bought in our main market Europe but also in other countries around the world. Our active customer list includes more than 24'000 sales points.

Click on the picture to open the country-list.


Please note :

We do NOT deliver to single shops, private customers or any political groups.

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